7 real ways to make money online from home [ no investment ]

7 real ways to make money online from home [ no investment ]

7 real ways to make money online from home [ no investment ]

Hello guys, today we are talking about 7 ways to earn money online from home. We will provide you the best online ways to earn money without investment. You need no money to earn online or make money online from home. 

Today Everyone wants to earn a lot of money but they didn't know the ways and the right method to earn money from home.so, guys don't worry we will solve your problem and we provide the best methods to earn money online without investment. 

We found many methods to earn money but many of them are scams like SMS jobs, data entry jobs, content writing jobs, email jobs. Be aware of these jobs. 

We will give you the best trustable online earning platforms, from there you can get and earn money easily but you need to be patient and calm because in online earning patience is a must.

Here are some proven ways to earn money online without money 

1)  Became a YouTuber 

 I think you know that many peoples earn a lot of money from youtube. They are making money in a  large number of digit by simply posting videos with some editing and crafting. 

So, You should become a Youtuber if you have any skills like comedy, crafting, cooking, dancing, singing, teaching, gaming, etc. you just have to focus on your skills and make videos on them and simply publish it. 

After 2 months you will be able to earn and make a lot of money from youtube, but keep in mind that you need to be consistent and focused on the goal and make sure your content will be unique, don't copy and paste videos from others channel to your channel because this is called piracy.

And if you found to be the culprit then youtube takes strict action against you. So, [Be Aware] and make unique only related to your niche or topic. 

2) Learn Stock Trading 

Stock Trading is the easiest way to earn money or lose money if you don't have proper skills.

Stock Trading is not the game of kids and beginners because if you want to earn money then you need proper skills and expert opinions to choose the right and profitable stock.  

In stock trading, you need some money to invest because without investment you can't be able to start your career in stock trading. You need at least 300 rs or 5 $  to start your career in stock trading. 

If you don't have proper knowledge about stock trading then please don't try it because you definitely lose your money in stocks. 

3) Earn money from Social media Platform

Making money from social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is the easiest and the safest way, I am not kidding because many people spend a lot of money to promote their pages and account on social media.

Why they spend a lot of money just promote their pages and accounts. 

Because they know the value of followers, More followers more money. They create pages and account to sell their products or do affiliate marketing and providing useful content. So they can put ads on their pages and make money from there.

You can create your account on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, and sell your products or you can do affiliate marketing and earn money from there.

4) Became a Freelancer  

Today Freelancing is a very popular job because everyone wants to earn money fast just by working an hour. 

If you are good in programming, Designing, writing content that freelancing platform is best for you,

You can become a freelancer and earn a lot of money from there.

Freelancer, Upwork, Peopleperhour, are the best freelancing platforms and you can work on it.

5)   Became a Counselor

In a counselor's job, you can sell your advice and information to the peoples. To be a good counselor you have to be better than your customer in every field. 

You just have to give good and useful tips for your customer until your customer is not satisfied with your decision. 

You have to convince your customers to use your advice, if your advice looks great and useful to your customers then he will definitely give you some more money. 

If you are an expert in your field then you can charge as much as you want. 

The counselor's job is a very profitable job in the market and you can easily earn money from this job.

6) Online Writing Jobs

Online Writing Jobs are also a good source of income, You can simply write articles and sell them or you can work for any website where you can write articles and sell them in a good amount. 

If you are very good at writing then you can start your blog and make a lot of money from there.

Today, Blogging is a very good source of income, many people start their own blogs and earn money easily within a month.

If you are very good at writing then you should definitely start your blogging career. 

If you are thinking to start your blogging career and you don't know where to start and which platform is best then...

I suggest  

1) If you have money:- Go with WordPress 

2) If you don't have money:- Go with Blogger

These two platforms are the best blogging platforms.

7) Buy and Sell Domain

If you have a good amount of traffic on your site then you can sell your site or you can rent your website. 

Another method is you can buy the expired domain and resell the in good amount, this is also a good method to earn money online. 

Domain buying and selling are very popular nowadays, but in this method, you need some time and patience. This is a game of patience 


We hope that you like our article and the information which we provide to you.

If you like our article or you have any queries regarding online earning then you can comment us below, we will definitely resolve your queries.

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