Faug vs Pubg | FAU-G release date in India | full info


Faug vs Pubg | FAU-G release date in India | full info

What is FAU-G game | FAU-G release date in India | full information 

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the FAU-G game. Since PUBG mobile has been ban in India, many people have been disappointed since then, but many pubg lovers are waiting for the next alternative game just like a pubg. We know no game can fulfill pubg place but something is better than nothing. 

Recently, Akshay Kumar has made a tweet on his Twitter account that he is going to launch a game named FAUG very soon.

Maybe, this is a relief for pub lovers as it seems that a game called faug has now come to fill the lack of pubg.

In this post, we will tell you about the faug game, what is the faug game?  When will the faug game release? Is faug game better than pubg?


What is a faug game?

Ever since pubg has been ban in India, every single gaming company is planning to launch a game like pubg.

In such a situation, Akshay Kumar gave information about launching the faug game on Friday through his tweet.

The faug game has been created by the Indian company and it is a complete native game because this game has been made in India.

The full form of faug game is "fearless and united guards". Akshay Kumar also released the poster of this game in his tweet.

This game was created by Developing Ncore Games. The entire copyright of this game is with Ncore gaming company. This game is designed to give tributes to Indian soldiers. By playing the faug game, we will know about the soldiers of our country and their sacrifice too.

20% of whatever money will be earned from this game will be donated to the brave soldiers of India. Akshay Kumar said this in his tweet.

When will the FAUG game release?

Akshay Kumar had told in his tweet that the faug game will be released very soon and will come in the market soon.

According to experts, the faug game will come until the last week of September or the first week of October.

What is the full form of the FAUG game?

The faug game is a tribute to Indian soldiers and this game has been dedicated to the soldiers of India. Therefore, the name of this game has also been kept solely with the jawans in mind.

The full form of the FAUG game is "Fearless and united guards." Which is dedicated to the soldiers of the country?

Who is the owner of the FAUG game?

The faug game has been created by the Indian gaming company and is owned by its original owner and all the right games and he is the real owner of this game.

How to download and install faug game

One has to wait a while to download the faug game because now only the poster of the faug game has arrived, this game has some time to release. This game will arrive by about October.

What Faug is better than pubg? 

Actually, we do not have proper data about it but there is only one difference is faug is an Indian game and pubg is a Korean so. Maybe the name of India making the faug game is more popular than pubg. 

Faug is much better than the pubg game is known only after the arrival of the game. so, wait for it.

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