Black tea benefits and side effects | How to make black tea |

Black tea benefits and side effects | How to make black tea |

Black tea health benefits and side effects. Black tea is very good in high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and weight loss. Black tea is also good for better immunity. 

Black tea is a very common morning drink and almost 70-80% of people drink tea in their daily life. Black tea is a very good weight loss agent and it prevents cancer and boosts immunity.

Black tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorder and It has antioxidant properties. 

Some facts about black tea

Scientific name:- Camellia Sinensis 

Part used in making tea:- Leaves

Origin:- China 

Producing country:- China, India, Japan, Africa, Taiwan, Russia, Srilanka.

History of black tea 

In the initial days, China cultivates tea in the year 1560. After that, china becomes the most successful exporter of tea in the world. 

Most common types of tea

There are many types of tea but some of the most common tea used in several regions are:- 

1) Masal chai 

Ingredient used:- Ginger, clove, cinnamon 
Mostly used area:- All over India 

2) English breakfast tea

Ingredient used:- Black tea 
Mostly used area:- USA 

3) Assam tea 

Ingredient used:- Assam tea leaves 
Mostly used area:- Northeastern part of India 

4) Ceylon tea 

Ingredient used:- Citrous flavor and spices
Mostly used area:- Sri Lanka 

5) Darjeeling tea 

Ingredient used:- Floral, Fruit aroma
Mostly used area:- Darjeeling 

6) Earl Grey tea 

Ingredient used:- Bergamot oil 
Mostly used area:- France, Italy

Nutritions in the Black tea (500ml) 

  • Vitamin C ( 2.5mg )
  • Calcium  ( 20mg )
  • Sodium  ( 15mg )
  • Carbohydrate  ( 1g )
  • Zero calories   

Some Health Benefit of Black Tea 

  1. Black tea for weight loss 
  2. Black tea reduces the risk of heart diseases 
  3. Black tea prevents cancer
  4. Black tea contains antioxidant properties 
  5.  Black tea is good for diabetic patient
  6. Black tea is good for better immunity 
  7. Black tea for high blood pressure 

Black tea to reduce weight (Black tea for weight loss)

Today many people struggling to reduce weight and they tried many methods to lose weight but they failed due to a lack of willpower and focus. 

For those people, black tea is the best option to reduce weight naturally. Black tea contains a rich amount of polyphenol which helps to lose weight naturally. 

Black tea also reduces the absorption of fat as compared to green tea. If you drink black tea for 3 months then it helps your body to utilize the stored fat and help in lose fat naturally without any workout.

Black tea contains better weight-reducing agents then coffee. 

Black tea for heart diseases 

Black tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, High cholesterol, Diabetes, heart attack. 

Black tea consists of some antioxidant which lower blood pressure and high cholesterol. it can also help to reduce weight. 

Doctors say if you drink 3-5 cups of black tea in a day, which is very good for your body. 

Black tea prevents cancer 

Actually, Black tea has many properties like it reduced the DNA damages and also prevent a mutation which are the main factors of cancer. 

Black tea blocks the pathway of enzymes and mutagens which are responsible for cancer.  

The study founds that black tea is also many effective against other cancer diseases like prostate cancer and liver cancer and some research also says that black tea also prevents lung cancer. 

Black tea for diabetes patient 

In diabetes blood, sugar level elevates above the normal limits. Actually, Diabetes is a metabolic problem and it will impact all the systems of the body, but if you control the blood sugar level then black tea is the best option.

According to some studies, Black tea reduces the risk of obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetic complication. 

Black tea for better immunity 

Black tea fight against infections which are present in the intestine. There are many food and drinks which make our immunity better and black tea is one of them.

Black tea has antimicrobial properties, which kill the infection and bacteria which are present in our body and prevent illness. 

Black tea for High blood pressure 

According to some studies, consumption of  4-5 cups of black tea every day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorder. but if your blood pressure is extremely high then you should consult with your doctor before taking the black tea. 

Other fact and benefit of black tea 

  • A rich amount of calcium content which prevent from repeating fracture and bone pain. 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing swelling. 
  • It improves the gastric motility in the body which helps in better digestion.  

Side effects of black tea 

  • The excess of black tea is responsible for yellowish and brownish teeth.
  • The Excess of black tea increases the acidity and elevates other digestive problems.
  • The Excess of black tea in a day cause the headache and uneasiness. 
  •  Too much black tea affects our sleep cycle and impacts our daily routine. 

How to make black tea easy 

  • Take out some water according to you 
  • Put it on in a medium flame
  • Add 1 tablespoon tea leaves 
  • Add some spices like ginger and cinnamon 
  • Boil for at least 2 min  
  • Take out and enjoy 

Do not add milk and sugar, if you want to take the benefits of black tea. 

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