Top 100+ Unknown Random facts that blow your mind | 2021

Top 100+ Unknown Random facts that blow your mind | 2021

In this article, you will find, Top 100 random facts about the world, health, history, technology, India. In this post, you will learn new interesting facts that blow your mind. If you are looking for the best random facts then you are in the right place or if you are looking for the most amazing facts then again you are in the right place. 

top 100 unknown random facts that blow your mind 2021
100 unknown facts

Top 100 Random Facts that blow your mind! 

1. Do you know, The technical term of the hashtag is Octothorpe, "Octo" refers to Eight and "Thorpe" means whatever.


2.   The unicorn is the Official national animal of Scotland. 


3. The lyrebird is the only bird that can make any kind of sounds which they hear in the forest, even your camera shutter sounds, car alarm, chainsaws, etc. 


4.  A newborn human baby has 300 bones, but when they grow up these bones are reduced to 206. that's why adults have 206 bones in their bodies. 


5.   The first office chair is invented by Charles Darwin, who gave us the theory of evolution. 


6.   The average human nose can smell up to 1 trillion


7. Do you know, George Washington's autograph is the world's expensive autograph which cost is 9.8 million dollars. 


8. Worlds biggest rabbit breed name is the Flemish giant rabbit. The average size of this breed is 2-3 feet. The biggest rabbit in the world name was Darius.


9.   World’s Strongest currency is Dinar. ( 1 Dinar = 3 dollars, 1 Dinar = 240 Rupees ) [ This data is not up to date, check it if you wanted to know ]


10.  Do you know, What is the meaning of mAh? The meaning of mAh is MilliAmpere/Hour.


11. The strongest muscle in the human body is Tongue.


12.  In the Deck of playing cards Kings represents the real kings, like Spades represent the king David, Hearts represent Charles Magne. Diamonds represent Julius Caesar, Clubs represent Alexander the great.


13.  The full form of Captcha is Completely Automated Public Turning Test to Tell Computer and Humans Apart.


14.  Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is color-blind. Mark Zuckerberg has  red-green blindness and blue is the only color he can see perfectly. In the interview, he said that "blue color is the richest color for me". That’s why Facebook's main color is blue.  


15. The king and horse idol at the crossroads tell the story of the king as both the legs of the horse is in the air, it means that they were martyred, if one leg of the horse is on the ground, it means that the king’s death was due to the injury suffered in the battle, and if both feet of the horse were on the ground, it meant that the king died naturally.


16. Scientist found 5,500 years old honey in Georgia, that honey is still eatable.


17. Nintendo is older then computers, before the advent of computers, Nintendo was a playing card company that sold cards.


18. Worlds Longest bicycle is 47.5m (155 ft long) and this record is made by Bernie Ryan on 14 November 2020, who lives in Australia.  


19. On 5 July 1994, Amazon founder jeff bezos named his company Cadabra. But later, he changed his company name to Amazon.


20. There is a village in India, where whenever a girl is born, all the people there plant 111 trees. This village is named Pipalantri and this village comes in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan.


21. Elon musk is the founder of these companies SpaceX, Tesla, OpenAI, Solarcity, Neuralink, Starlink, The boring company.


22.  The first Tweet on Twitter was made on 14 March 2006, in which it was written “Just setting up my twttr” which was sent by Twitter's co-founder Jack  Dorsey.


23.  5 hundred sextillion atoms in a spoonful of water.


24. A person named Nick Stöeberl has World's Longest Tongue, which is up to 10 cm long.


25. The world's biggest chocolate weighs 5,792 kg and was made on 7 October 2011 in the United Kingdom.


26. It takes $70,000 to publish an advertisement in Burj Khalifa. The cost to publish a promotional advertisement on Burj khalifa is Aprrox 55 lakh in Indian Rupees.


27. The hippopotamus is the only animal that gives pink milk.


28. The full name of the Statue of Liberty is Liberty enlightens the world.


29. The technical or the scientific name of Brain freeze or Ice cream headache is sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia.


30. Worlds smallest a movie named “A Boy and His Atom” is  made by moving a  single atom on a copper surface.


31. The national flower of both Vietnam and India is the lotus.


32. The drugs sniffing shown in the films sniffing are actually vitamin B.


33. Indrasabha is the only movie that has 72 songs.


34. In olden times people used spider webs instead of bandages because spider webs contain vitamin K which acts as blood clotting.


35. Four rings of Audi represent four companies ( Audi, DWK, Horch, Wanderer ).


36. Around 200 Apple seeds can kill you because apple seed releases cyanide that can damage your brain and heart.  

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37. The last road in India ends at Dhanushkodi which comes in the state of Tamil Nadu.


38. If you try to stop your sneeze then it will kill you. Because our sneeze comes out at a speed of 140-160 km/h and if we try to stop it, it damages our blood vessels of eyes and it can also cause our earplugs.


39. One flat in Burj khalifa is started with a cost of $2,99,481.


40. CCTV full form is Closed Circuit Television.


41. Codex Gigas is the oldest manuscript in the world and it is also called as Devil’s Bible. [ Read about Codex Gigas:- click here  ]


42. Cheetah can’t run more than 20 seconds.  


43. Dubai is the only country that gives its police superfast cars like Lamborghini and Bugatti.


44. The world's largest president residency is situated in India which is spread over 300 acres.


45. Volkswagen owns these seven companies [ Bugatti, Ducati, Porsche, Bentley, Skoda, Lamborghini, Audi ]  


46. Worlds most expensive face mask cost is 1.5 million dollars which is totally made up of diamonds.


47. During the test of the 5G network in the Netherland, over 300 hundred bird died due to high frequency, which shows that World’s dangerous animal is only humans, who can do anything for their benefit.


48. Tesla Motors will give you 9 million dollars if you crack the software system of Tesla v3 and you will get that car as well.


49. Roti is called tortilla in English.


50. Highest kills record in PUBG is made by a player named Big Mooches.


51. The nominee for the Oscar is given 50 thousand dollars if they did not win the Oscar.


52. Mercedes logo represent the three elements:- Air, water, and earth.


53. World’s expensive shoe cost is $23.6 million dollars.


54. Why are fire extinguishers and gas cylinders red? This is because the red color wavelength is the highest wavelength and this color is visible from a distance. That's why The gas cylinder and fire extinguisher are red in color.


55. How to drink fresh water in the sea? The answer is here:- you can eat frozen ice in the sea because it contains only 10% salt.


56. The most common password in the world is 123456.


57. Number 2520 is the only number that divides completely from 1-10.


58. Dogs can detect the symptoms of cancer.


59. To make an iron man suit, you need as much energy as a nuclear power plant.


60. According to the study, children who drink water in exam score 20% more.


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61. Cucumber slices can remove the smell of your breath.


62. Under 30 feets of water, our blood starts to appear green.


63. If you eat an apple, potato, and onion with your nose closed, it will taste the same.


64. When we snap our finger, its speed will be 32.5 km/h.


65. The full form of NEWSPAPER is North East West South Past and Present Event Reports.


66. In Sweden, beggars have to get a license to beg.


67. If your phone falls into water, then put it in a rice box. because rice acts as a water-absorbent.


68. Kanneganti Brahmanandam has worked in more than 1000 movies. And he also made a world record of working in more than 1000 movies.


69. Box jellyfish is the world's most poisonous animal.


70. Why are bricks in red? The red color in Brick is ​​due to iron oxide, which gives strength to the bricks.


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71. India exports 70% of spices to the world.


72. The most visited place in the world is the Golden Temple.


73. Banana is not a fruit, it is actually a berry.


74. The three most common surname in china is Zhang, Li, Wang.


75. The hospital symbol is not a plus but is called the Red Cross and it was built on 7 February 1863 by a group of 5 people to save human life.


76. When time stops, we will not be able to see anything because light travels through photons. And when time stops, photons will also stop and we will not be able to see anything.


77. The Dubai government gives people 3 grams of gold for every kilogram, they lose.


78. You can finish your Kidney stone by riding on a roller coaster.


79. Single Human DNA contains information as much as 50 novels.


80. Kangaroo can’t jump without its tail. He uses his tail to balance.


81. In 1975 there was a chicken that was alive for 14 months without its head. His name was Mike the Headless Chicken.


82. Chewing gum banned in Singapore.


83. Gym equipment has 362 times more bacteria as compared to your toilet seat.


84. Amazon Largest Warehouse is as big as 14 football grounds.


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85. Helicopter includes “Helico” which means spiral and “pter” means with wings.


86. It was the first snowfall in the Sahara Desert in 1979 which is very surprising because at low altitude areas this is not usually happens


87. The name of the oldest astronomical clock is Prague Orloj, which was made in 1410.


88. Regular 10 min exercise makes your brain 10 year young.


89. World’s expensive perfume name is Clive Christian no.1 passant guardant and the Cost of this perfume is $143,000.


90. A study shows that Human urine contains 3079 chemical compounds.


91. Worlds biggest cuckoo clock is 100 feet long and it is situated in triberg, Germany.


92. During the 1600s, people in Europe believed that eating tomatoes would make them werewolves.


93. Initially, the original color of the Hulk is gray but it turns green due to printing errors.


94. People from Turkey and Bulgaria hang their old clothes on trees. So that the poor people can wear those clothes.


95. It took 8 hours to take the world's first photo.


96. Why do pirates wear eye patches on their eyes?  Pirates wear eye patches on their eyes, so that one of their eyes can see even in low light condition.


97. For making Avengers endgame last battle scene “The battle of the earth” Marvel hires 14,000 VFX artists.


98. Hummingbird is the only bird which changes its color in every 1 second.


99. If we transport something by ship then it is called cargo and if we transport something by land transport then it is called shipment.


100. Ms dhoni is the only captain who won all ICC cricket trophies. 2007 T20 World cup, 2011 ODI world cup, and 2013 champions trophy.

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